Family & Estate Law

In the area of family law our practice concentrates primarily on proprietary issues such as pre-nuptial and nuptial agreements, division of the spousal property, arrangements for alimony and child support, as well as specific matters involving aspects of private international law, such as divorce or annulment of a marriage with a foreign national.

Our estate and succession law practice, among other issues, deals with the recognition and enforcement in Latvia of  wills drawn up in a foreign country, succession rights to the estate in Latvia of the deceased foreigners and similar cross-border succession matters including related choice of law and jurisdictional aspects, application of the EU Succession Regulation and issuance of European Certificate of Succession. 

We handle matters related to successions by will, succession agreement or by law (intestate), reserved share of descendants and spouse, probate proceedings and estate planning (drafting of wills  and succession agreements).

We have extensive court experience related to claims for recognition of inheritance rights, disputes among co-heirs and division of estates.


Armands Skudra 

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